A bit about me: I enjoy the challenge of solving problems, and am passionate about the use of technology to greatly improve people’s lives while maintaining privacy and data security. Because I am committed to the benefit that technology can serve to the greater community, I am a devotee to Linux (as a SCaLE attendee/volunteer), the Free and Open-Source Software Community and accessible security applications for the community. If you are around Pasadena you may find me at monthly meetups for the SGVLUG (Linux User Group), Infosec Syndicate(Information Security Group), and many other technical meetups.

Recent Work

Southern California Industries LLC

provides Porta Potty rentals and Fence rentals to Construction, Special Events, Private Parties and other uses. 24 Hour emergency service available. They also provide rentals for Luxury Units and VIP trailers. Work consisted of managing the HTML, CSS, Javascript, Flash, and a few PHP functions

Vision Capital Management

is an alternative investment firm specializing in managed futures. We offer investment products to institutions and high net-worth individuals who seek diversification through uncorrelated asset classes. Work consisted of managing the HTML, CSS, Javascript, and PHP backend. The website was integrated with an internally created lead management system using Web Services.

Lions Futures

is an alternative investments brokerage specializing in Managed Futures portfolios. Their services include professional management of Commodity Trading Advisors, asset diversification through Managed Futures, select client wealth management, and self directed online trading. Work consisted of managing the HTML, CSS, and PHP backend

Ewan Telford - Photography

Scotland-born, Los Angeles-based Ewan Telford shot the photographs that would become ‘Rock Salt’ in Trona, California. Work consisted of building a simple content management system that allows for upload and ordering of albums for images and page creation/modification. The admin backend supports drag and drop reordering of images and selection of title image for each album and WYSIWYG for managing pages.

Ewan Telford - Director

is an award-winning director of commercials, music videos and films. Ewan’s film Apocalypse Oz (which hyrbridised the screenplays of Apocalypse Now and The Wizard of Oz) screened at festivals worldwide, won the Audience Award at Filmstock International Film Festival and was widely seen as the first film of it’s kind.


is an application that won 3rd place for the Web Applications Development event in the Information Technology Competition at Cal Poly Pomona. The competition gave 2 weeks to complete the project. Considered the most innovative with our code commenting system, but we lacked the polish and finish of a feature complete site. The team consisted of 5 team members. Work consisted of using the CakePHP and jQuery frameworks to create a code highlighting and commenting application. GeSHi to highlight and display uploaded source code files. jQuery UI Selectable plugin to select code by a click and drag interface and output the first and last line of code selected. More work being done with data modeling, the database, and patch work.

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